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Now your favorite music, books, magazines, movies, TV shows, apps, and games are all in one place that's accessible from the Web and any Android device. is a website which has all kinds of Android Apps for our entertainment and for our learning too. It is very well organized and user... read more >
Professionals and students all over the country often need access to technology books for reference and research. Safari Books Online has provided a serious database for that very purpose.  Technology, scholars, and IT and management professionals can search for answers to questi... read more >
Kobo Books is an online store that offers an amazing selection of eBooks and eReaders. Kobo Books offers a variety a books such as sciene fiction, romance, drama, non-fiction, historic and much more. Kobo Books also offers recommended reading for their value customers. Kobo Books has five shop... read more >
Enjoy  the classic books of all time – without even reading a word. Library of is the official website of the Library of Classics which sells the greatest books of all time.  If rummaging for Moby Dick, or Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet in bookstores has become mission ... read more >
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Last answer by William J. Felchner 53 months ago: Stephen King's 11/22/63 – published in 2011 – is one of his best novels in recent years, combining mystery and suspense in a fantastic time travel setting. The story centers on 35-year-old high school English teacher Jake Epping, who descends into his dying friend's "rabbit-hole," hoping... read more
Asked by The Doctor Is In 54 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by Lindbergh Lendl Soriano 56 months ago: LibriVox AudioBooks Free is an app that provides free access to more than 6,000 audiobooks. The audiobooks could be streamed directly over the internet and could also be downloaded for offline listening. The app has received an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 at the Google Play Store. It is als... read more
Asked by Lauren Axelrod 56 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by Reuben Chew 56 months ago: I would actually recommend that you take a look at Amazon's Certified Refurbished Kindle range. For example, a refurbished Kindle Touch is going for only $89. While this may be more expensive than second-hands, it supposedly looks and works like new, and is also backed by a one-year warranty by A... read more
Asked by BlogWriter 57 months ago in | 4 answers
Last answer by claire palawag 56 months ago: try this sites for more info: read more
Asked by Charrie 57 months ago in | 1 answers